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Dakota Karate Club – Covid 19 Update (May 2020)

Our thoughts are with all the people impacted by the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, especially those whose loved ones are fighting the illness. We also acknowledge and thank all the workers providing front-line services.

As we continue to monitor updates on the Virus, and the requirements in place by our leaders and medical professionals, and with the continued closure of the Dakota Community Centre,  the Dakota Karate Club has made the decision to remain closed for the remainder of the 2019/20 training season (Sept/2019 - June/2020).

We will continue to monitor the Virus and its impact on us and hope that our Club, and all its students, can return and resume our training in the Fall.

Stay safe, stay well. 

UniformsIf you would like to purchase a uniform (Gi), please fill out the Karate Gi order form and return along with your payment made payable to DAKOTA KARATE CLUB.

The Dojo Kun - What do the students say when they bow:  Seek Perfection of Character, Be Faithful, Endeavor, Respect Others, and Refrain from Violent Behavior.